Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Angie Park

Product Design 2011

Angie Park’s primary interest is social innovation, focusing on improving experiences, products and services through product design and systems-level design thinking.


Vivaline Intravenous Unit


Art Center Student Gallery

Product Description

Vivaline is a more sustainable and human-centered intravenous therapy system.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

The amount of dioxins released during medical waste incineration is lowered by substituting commonly used PVC plastic with bioplastics and by creating an easy to re-use, disassemble and recycle bag system for hospital use.

The amount of materials used to create the IV system is reduced, and component manufacturing and assembly impact lowered by integrating the tubing and solution bag into a single component. Using a singular material to manufacture the essential components of the tubing and catheter system, and combining the concept of the IV pole with the solution bag system, allowed for creation of a flexible IV system that is mobile, light, easy-to-carry and not burdensome.