Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Magdalena Paluch

Graduate Industrial Design 2011

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Magdalena Paluch worked as an architect and urban planner on wide variety of projects. With a passion for environment, materials and sustainable strategies, she decided to pursue a career in industrial design with a focus on user-centric design approach, materials research and industrial ecology. Drawing from her previous experience, Magdalena brings a comprehensive design perspective and contextual approach to industrial design.


Spirit Automotive Seat


Featured in Product Design In the Sustainable Era, Taschen 2010
IDSA Award 2009
Art Center Student Gallery

Product Description

With a design inspired by human bone and musculature, Spirit addresses the significant environmental impact of currently used car seats. The efficient architecture of the seat cradles human curvatures, providing support and comfort. The design unifies structure, cushion and fabric, where each component contributes to the comfort, breathability and structural integrity of the seat.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

Spirit replaces the typical metal structure with a lighter, yet stronger, Tegris composite, significantly reducing weight. Cushion and upholstery are combined into a warp-knitted spacer fabric made from 100 percent eco-intelligent polyester. The seat’s life will be extended through partnerships with institutions that can use the seat modules after the vehicle has reached the end of its life.