Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Christian Denhart

Product Design 2010

Christian Denhart is currently a design fellow at H.E.A.L. Together in Hermosa Beach, California. H.E.A.L. focuses on using design and marketing to help nonprofits achieve greater impact and social change. A native of Portland, he has degrees in both communications (Lewis and Clark College) and Product Design (Art Center). Christian worked in Shanghai creating content for, the world’s largest online English school, before moving to Los Angeles to attend the Art Center.


Caltech Solar Sculpture

Product Description

This project attempted to visibly represent solar energy in sculptural form. Designed for the Caltech campus, it set out to represent the massive solar retrofit the campus has undertaken. Each direction spoke to aspects of the very unique audience of Caltech,  meant to inspire them to create the sustainable solutions of the future. Art is always intended to inspire thinking. What is art to a scientist?

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

The main goal of the project was to raze awareness and promote creative thinking in the development of green technology. This goal was achieved by designing a sculptural form, which not only harnesses the energy from the sun, but also visually tells the story of its own purpose and functionality.