Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Elizabeth Bayne

Graduate Broadcast Cinema 2011

Elizabeth Bayne is a Virginia transplant now earning her MFA from Art Center College of Design. Her previous education and experience includes a Master of Public Health from Yale University and several years of public service programming at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency assisting on a national PSA campaign backed by The Ad Council. Elizabeth employs narrative filmmaking to explore the health and social issues that affect different communities.


Safe Agua: The Documentary

Product Description

Designmatters partnered with Un Techo para mi Pais to improve the lives of some of Chile’s poorest families. Safe Agua, a project led by the College’s Environmental Design Department, challenged 12 students and 3 faculty to work directly with impoverished communities in Santiago, Chile, to develop new tools and methods of storing, utilizing, transporting and conserving water in order to help break the cycle of poverty. The Safe Agua Documentary chronicles this project from the perspective of Graduate Broadcast Media student Elizabeth Bayne.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

Safe Agua focuses on low-cost product innovations that make water-related chores easier and safer, striving to achieve maximum impact with minimal resources.