Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design
KC Cho

Product Design 2010

KC Cho graduated from Art Center in 2010, and received his MBA from INSEAD in 2011. Cho is currently working in visual development at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Jacqueline Black

Product Design 2010

Jacqueline Black's interests include design research and strategy, sustainability and interaction design. She is currently an interaction designer at HUGE inc.


ReLava Sink Safe Agua

Product Description

ReLava was designed to provide a simple, dignified solution for the inhabitants of the campamentos (slums) of Chile who do not have access to clean, running water. The ReLava concept is a simple, affordable dish-washing solution that can also double as a laundry washing station.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

ReLava was designed for accessibility. The first goal was to create an affordable solution for those living in campamentos. The strategy was to create a low-tech solution to reduce cost, utilize Un Techo’s existing partnerships for low-cost manufacturing, use local manufacturers to stimulate the economy and reduce transportation costs, design a modular, flat-pack solution to reduce transportation costs, design to accommodate components that users may already own and sell components separately to keep initial costs down.

The second goal was to reduce the amount of water and effort wasted during the act of washing dishes. The strategy was to create a centralized workstation, provide a drainage solution that stores water for secondary uses and provide a drying rack that drains back into the "sink."

Another goal was to use the least amount of raw material possible, while maximizing the utility of the product. The strategy was to design using metal wire to create a durable and sturdy frame without wasting material, design to accommodate multiple functions, and create a modular solution that can easily be folded to create extra room as needed.