Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Koo Ho Shin

Graduate Industrial Design 2011

Koo Ho Shin is engrossed in experience design involving interactive products, service systems and a little wit. With prior work experiences in television/ radio broadcasting in Korea, Koo holds a BFA in industrial design from Carnegie Mellon University with a concentration in communication design. Preceding his new chapter in Grad ID, he had internships at such companies as Apple, where he researched the development of future versions of the iWork Suite; and Smart Design, where he participated in designing lines of household merchandises for multiple clients.


NESTR sleep system


Art Center Student Gallery
IDSA Bronze Award 2011

Product Description

Nestr is both a healthy lifestyle and a behavior changer. The modular bedding system allows customers to make smarter choices and minimize environmental impact without compromising comfort, hygiene or size.

Molded bamboo spring structures replace standard bed furniture, box springs and metal springs, while a five-inch natural latex foam pad, rolled during shipping, is placed on top for comfort. The Nestr system can reduce shipping costs and efforts, since all parts can be manufactured separately and shipped directly to the retailer, instead of having all materials travel through the assembly house and warehouses. Due to the portable size, customers can also pick up the product at the store, without relying on the retailer’s delivery service.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

The main goal of Nestr was to extend the product’s life without compromising customer’s healthy lifestyle. This was achieved by the use of standardized parts and natural materials, which at any point in the product life can be cleanly, separated and reused. The physical footprint of the product was minimized thus reducing the impacts generated by shipping. Nestr System is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, allowing for resizing of the bed instead of throwing away the entire product.