Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Joey Wang

Product Design 2011

Joey Wang is a Taiwanese-American designer who focuses on aspects of inclusive design through an emphasis on cross-cultural and generational communication.


Lien-Joss Paper Memorial


IDSA Award Finalist 2011

Product Description

A redesign of the cultural practice of burning joss paper to honor deceased loved ones.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

The main goal of the project was to eliminate toxic emissions generated by the tradition of morning rituals in Taiwan while preserving the core of the tradition, engaging the younger generation, revitalizing local joss paper industry and elevating the perceived value of single sheets of joss paper. The strategy was designed to offer a zero-waste, all-inclusive package, fulfilling the cultural needs of traditional, 49-day funerary rituals. Material distribution is based on localizing production to reduce transportation-based emissions. Included in the package are organically grown materials that allow the user to make their own clean-burning joss paper, adding greater value through personalization. After completion of all rituals, ashes are buried around the tomb as fertilizer, reintroducing valuable nutrients back into the earth.