Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design
Ramon Coronado

Graphic Design 2011

Ramon Coronado was born in the small town of Mexicali, Mexico, moved to the United States at the age of four, and quickly took an interest in visual communication. His design aesthetic has been to continuously merge his two cultures in a way that describes his own vision of design. With a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Art Center, he has become a cross-media visual designer.

William Tang

Product Design 2010

Will Tang is a recent graduate of Art Center who design interactive and social solutions which address sustainability and social issues.


iindex Index de Innovacion


Art Center Student Gallery

Product Description

Index de Innovacion (iindex) is the result of a social design project sponsored by Un Techo para Chile, a non-governmental organization that aims to eliminate campamentos (slums) in Chile. iindex is an innovation-sharing program designed for communities living in slums and transitional housing to encourage collaboration and improve quality of life.

The iindex challenges are competitions hosted by Un Techo and inspire the people within each community to collaborate, develop and share their innovations. These innovations are recorded and collected by Un Techo’s numerous volunteers, which are then compiled and published in the form of a printed newsletter and website. The iindex newsletters are distributed to the communities to share innovations that solve specific problems, as well as to disseminate ideas and inspiration. The iindex website is accessible by the general public to help bridge the social gap between mainstream society and people living in slums. It also becomes a valuable repository of insights and innovations that can be licensed by businesses that seek to address this under-served market.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

iindex promotes development of low-cost, high-impact innovations by hosting competitions to spur innovation development and sharing in key areas, giving interim awards to encourage a wide range of approaches throughout the process. It connects people living in slums with mainstream society by displaying the skills found in the campamentos to the general public, and licensing innovations to businesses to develop accessible solutions for people in the campamentos. iindex also improves collaboration across communities by establishing each community as an innovation team to promote collaboration, and by publishing innovations and inspirational stories in newsletters to distribute in the campamentos. Lastly, iindex complements existing culture by utilizing Un Techo’s existing volunteers and partnerships, promoting creative use of locally found materials and resources.