Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Jie Wei

Product Design 2010

Growing up, Jie Wei was constantly tinkering, playing and figuring out how things work. After breaking many items, she wanted to improve the way objects are designed. She learned to see, draw and express her ideas.

Originally, Jie desired to design beautiful products, but quickly refocused her energy on helping design a more livable world. The concepts of sustainability allow her to marry both goals through the process of design. Her Art Center education, in addition to work at P&G, has allowed her to focus on these goals and helped her develop a design philosophy.


GAL Humidifier


Art Center Student Gallery

Product Description

GAL is a vaporizer humidifier that improves indoor air quality by increasing the humidity of one’s home and surroundings. It also relieves dry, itchy skin and throats. GAL is beneficial for one’s health by allowing easier breathing and comfortable sleep. By using little electricity, GAL lowers utility bills.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

The main design goal was to extend the lifecycle of a humidifier, which is typically short. GAL can reduce energy bills up to 5 percent in winter by heating just the minimum amount of water necessary. Inside GAL, water flows to the heating container only when necessary. This humidifier is easy to wash and recycle. All parts can be taken apart to wash individually, preventing mold growth inside the humidifier. This simplifies the maintenance of the humidifier, in turn extending its life.