Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Jin W. Kim

Product Design 2011

Jin W. Kim was born in Korea, and came to Art Center in spring 2008.


Flameingo Fire Extinguisher


Art Center Student Gallery
Featured in Product Design In the Sustainable Era, Taschen 2010
IDSA Award Finalist 2011

Product Description

Flameingo is a canister-based, recyclable fire extinguisher with a built-in fire alarm notification.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

Most home-based fire extinguishers use dry chemical as a filler. One of the goals of Flameingo was to use safer material to decrease the potential of negative impact on the users through direct contact or inhalation.

Because of a lack of general knowlege concerning fire extinguishers, many users have no knowledge of such important data as refilling or expiring product dates. By equipping the design with an automatic safety check, the most important information is immediately brought to the user’s attention. To promote recycling of the used or expired product guidelines are provided directly on the product, making recycling easier.