Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Daniel Huang

Product Design 2009

Dan Chiencheng Huang, a native of Taiwan, studied Product Design at Art Center. Primarily focused on technology and lifestyle products, Dan is interested in creating purposeful objects that delights the user. He has been involved in projects in the field of the consumer electronics and healthcare at Continuum in Boston and Stuart Karten Design in Los Angeles.


Environ Iron


Art Center Student Gallery
Featured in Product Design In the Sustainable Era, Taschen 2010

Product Description

After disassembling a common household iron and analyzing its life cycle, the main design objective was to create an iron that would use less material and components—an iron is typically made with over 50 materials—and allow for disassembly—existing irons are often packaged in multiple materials which are then thrown away.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

Environ is designed for sustainable use and reuse of materials. It is assembled with no adhesives or fasteners. The drip-steam system significantly simplifies components. Each component is labeled by specific material, and can be separated for replacing or recycling. The clear panel of the packaging folds to become the handle. The packaging makes optimum use of materials and assembles without adhesives.