Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Magdalena Paluch

Graduate Industrial Design 2011

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Magdalena Paluch worked as an architect and urban planner on wide variety of projects. With a passion for environment, materials and sustainable strategies, she decided to pursue a career in industrial design to focus on the user-centric design approach, materials research and industrial ecology. Drawing from her previous experience in architecture and planning, Magdalena brings a comprehensive design perspective and contextual approach to industrial design.


Elyte Household Cleaning System


Art Center Student Gallery

Product Description

Elyte is a versatile household cleaner that safeguards health while saving space, money, hassle and the environment. The design has three parts: an electrolyzed water cleaning solution, a reusable dispenser, refill packets and a business plan to introduce this new technology to the U.S. market.

The industrial process of water electrolysis produces two types of solution. One is highly acidic for disinfecting and sanitizing, and the other is highly alkaline and removes oils, greases and fats. While these solutions are gaining acceptance as an alternative to traditional cleaners, the electrolyzing equipment is costly for individual consumers. To introduce this system, grocery stores will be provided with the electrolyzing equipment to produce refills sold with an ergonomically designed dispenser, alleviating the need for individual consumers to purchase the equipment.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

The impacts of packaging, transport and delivery are minimized by incorporating a just-in-time production system and delivery. By designing 85 percent of the package to be reusable, not only is the product packaging lifecycle extended, but also the overall material input is minimized. Renewal and biodegradable materials are substituted in place of ones that are synthetic or cause allergic reactions. Providing a safer cleaning liquid minimized the environmental and health impacts of product usage and disposal.