Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

John Phillips

Product Design 2010

John Phillips’ industrial design interests have gravitated toward systems design and research/strategy; however, sustainability has played a consistent role in guiding design decisions and problem solving. John received a Bronze IDEA award in 2009 for his EcoDeck design. He served as Art Center’s IDSA student chapter chair from 2008 to 2010. John’s other interests include furniture design, entrepreneurship, travel and skimboarding.


EcoDeck Sustainable Skimboard


Art Center Student Gallery
Featured in Product Design In the Sustainable Era, Taschen 2010
IDSA Bronze Medal Winner 2009

Product Description

The EcoDeck Sustainable Skimboard is a cute, elegant and practical solution to a problem staring sustainability right in the face. Both as a market and as a culture, skimboarding provids the ideal opportunity to redesign a product category still tied to traditional materials and manufacturing methods despite shifting subcultural thinking.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

Unlike standard skimboards made of petrol-based foams covered in composite fibers and toxic resins, the EcoDeck is constructed from a single material, fully recycled and recyclable. This allows for a streamlined product life cycle feeding back into a near-zero waste system.