Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Gabriel Wartofsky

Transportation Design 2009

Gabriel Wartofsky aims to improve the way we move around our neighborhoods, cities and planet with desirable, responsible design solutions. His passion lies within the intersection of vehicles, mobility systems and spatial design. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Gabriel holds degrees both from Georgetown University and Art Center. He has work experience as a design consultant to companies that include BMW Design Works, Nissan, Bike Nation and Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica.


E-Bike Electric Commuter Bike

Product Description

E-bike aims to provide urban commuters with a healthy, efficient way to realize the first and final leg of their daily journey. When not in use, E-bike collapses into a lightweight, portable size. Airless tires, shaft drive and a robust tubular construction ensure durability, while an illuminated front bar and bright graphics increase rider visibility and safety.

If used as a part of a bike share, one would simply ride E-bike from home to hub, fold and deposit it, then board the bus, bike-free. The bike re-charges at the bus hub, providing hub seating for commuters awaiting the next leg of their multi-modal journey. Commuters would reserve and rent another bike upon arrival at destination hub. They access bike share using an RFID card, and lease the service on a per trip or monthly basis.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

Simplified design enables ease of disassembly and recyclability, and rugged constructions both provide durability and extend the life of the product. Incorporating the product into a system design encourages behavioral change by transforming a multi-modal commute into an effortless and accessible experience.