Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design
Jessica Yeh

Environmental Design 2011

Jessica Yeh is a designer that strives to create thoughtful social designs that have physical and emotional impact.

Narbeh Dereghishian

Product Design 2011

Narbeh Dereghishian is a product designer with a passion for social innovation and its implementation.


Ducha Halo Shower, Safe Agua


AIDSA Award Finalist 2011

Product Description

Ducha Halo is an affordable pressurized shower system designed for the slums of Chile. It is designed to reduce cases of illness and pneumonia commonly associated with washing by parts, while also boosting self esteem. This system was put through testing for several months before being put to use in the recovery efforts following the recent Chilean earthquake. Fundraising is currently in place to reach further with the production version of this system, Halo 2.0, which will cost even less and is specifically designed to reduce the steps required to prepare a shower. This newly designed system will help us serve and improve the lives of millions living in poverty across the world.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

By creating a gravity-fed shower system with a wide distribution of water to the entire body and eliminating the need to wash parts individually, the amount of water consumed during the bathing process was reduced. The hygienic effectiveness of bathing process was increased by designing the water delivery in such a way that the people bathing could have both hands free to scrub themselves while running water continually rinses away the dirt. A transitional solution was created which allows users to adapt to any type of living situation they may face. The provided system can be used in several different living scenarios, and have a showerhead that can be wall-mounted several different ways. The system is not only fairly light and small, which eases the transport, but also provides aesthetic values that customers may admire and value enough to hold on to and maintain.
Material sourcing and end of product’s life were considered and improved by material choices such as spun metal and polypropylene. The device was designed to be completely snap-fit and screw-fasten, adhesives and PVCs free.