Art Center Summit 2010: Projects & Partnerships in Sustainable Design

Christopher Wu

Product Design 2010

An industrial designer and Art Center alumnus, Christopher Wu is strongly focused on innovation and sustainability. He has collaborated with a number of companies— including Nike, Nestle and Avery-Dennison—to create engaging and sustainable products and experiences.


Ciclo Scooter Jacket


Art Center Student Gallery

Product Description

Ciclo merges a protective scooter-riding jacket with a backpack. Targeted to students and casual scooter riders, it makes wearing protective apparel easier by integrating it into their existing habits during times when they are most vulnerable—errand running and short trips. The sleeves contain impact protection and are attached to the pack. They can be packed away into a dedicated pocket upon arrival, leaving the user with a low-profile backpack. The jacket can be easily returned for recycling for a sustainable, closed-loop lifecycle. Finally, Ciclo can be subsidized by insurance providers, ensuring access for more riders.

Sustainable Goals & Strategies

By utilizing only one recyclable material—nylon—throughout the entire product, new raw material extraction was reduced (even more so as nylon recycling becomes more efficient). This reduces the amount of petroleum refining and other related processes.

Texture and material differences come from the way the material was sewn rather than hybridization.

To encourage recycling, each bag can be inverted and dropped in the mail. The bags have pre-paid shipping to a nylon recycling center. Bags can also be taken to retailers to be refurbished or recycled. Ciclo integrates a jacket with a backpack, which users usually have with them when riding to run errands. Therefore, the protective apparel is constantly with the user, making it easier to remember to put it on. In order to encourage use, partnerships with insurance providers are used to subsidize the Ciclo for all riders. Those riding with it can receive discounts on their policy and other incentives.