THE ART CENTER SUMMIT | Designing Sustainable Mobility

Highlights of The Art Center Summit 2007

Art Center is committed to the integration of sustainability-related education into our educational and research activities. The Sustainable Mobility series of summits is designed to bring education, industry, government and design experts together to discuss how creative-minded people can form new partnerships in a forum devoted to achieving positive solutions.

It is our firm belief that design can form a bridge between sustainable technologies and the public's desire to embrace them and move forward. Art Center will collect and publish the results from these summits, and then use these results to guide our future development.


2007 Summit Highlight VideoView the highlight video of the 2007 Summit.
This eight-minute summary will prove invaluable for past Summit attendees, as well as those interested in information and perspective on sustainable mobility. Those interested in obtaining a DVD copy of the video should email or call Jean-Philippe Fontaine at 626.396.4308.