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Alumni Notes


Yves Behar PROD '91 recently unveiled design plans for his "hackable" solar-powered electric car at the Greener Gadgets conference in NYC. While BĂ©har and his design studio Fuse Project are not new to transportation design, this next project will be quite different, designed specifically for the developing world. The idea is that this cute and affordable car will have a standard base frame, but the other components would customizable by the user.

Bob Marcks PROD '53 The April 2010 issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine has an article, "Studebaker, The Final Years," covering the efforts of Marcks, Hazelquist and Powers design firm's work for Studebaker of Canada. The writer, Pat Foster, referring to the '66 Studebaker, states: "The new Studebakers were quite attractive, with handsome new styling created by the Dearborn-based design firm of Marcks, Hazelquist and Powers (MHP). What the small firm accomplished with a minuscule budget was extraordinary." The article also includes design proposals for future Studebakers, for the years 1967-1970. The three principals, Bob Marcks, John Hazelquist and James Powers, and two of the staff, Terry Mashaw and Alan Lewis, are Art Center alumni.

Thomas Meyerhoffer PROD '91 new surfboard designs were recently featured in the New York Times, and on the Gizmodo website.

Michael Neumayr PROD '91 after months in the making, Michael Neumayr Design is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Our thanks go to our award-winning design partner for graphic and web design, Dustin Woehrman the founder of dustinwdesign.com. With Dustin's help we were ale to recreate a compelling new way to tell our story. Enjoy new features, a user friendly navigation and an exciting insight into many of our new projects. Check it out by visiting neumayrdesign.com.
Michael Neumayr PROD '91 In another nod from the global design community, Michael Neumayr Design (MND) was nominated for the 2010 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany for distinction in the field of design. This award and nomination process is unique in that one cannot submit an entry. Rather, only past recipients of national and international design awards may be nominated by ministers and senators of Germany's Federal States, hence it's nickname: "The Prize of Prizes." The nomination recognized Michael Neumayr's Stresemann Co05 barstool, which he designed for Atelier Schneeweiss of Germany. Neumayr's 23-item Stresemann collection, and indeed the Stresemann Co05 barstool, is defined by its unique construction and design method. All joints are connected using a push fit design that renders structural screw joints or welding obsolete. Neumayr's ecologically minded production method significantly reduces the amount of energy needed for production and allows segregation of materials. And while the engineering and design principals are environmentally friendly and technologically innovative, it's the unique, sleek modern look that has been turn-ing heads in the design world since ORGATEC in 2008.


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