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Alumni Notes


Lance Charles ENVL '98 investigates the 2010 Green Expo and finds some wonderful innovations that fit neatly into the five elements of the WholEarth System: portable water bottle filter, mobile solar, Amazon herbs, hydrogen conversion systems. Don't miss the April 13 LA Eco Party. Guests on the live broadcast include chef Mike Clark, back from LA Eco Party 1 to cook up some more super-tasty local foods, and Alex Rivera of howtosavefuel.com to talk about the latest in hydrogen conversion for your car or motorcycle.

Lance Charles ENVL '98 shares two important links:
http://www.visionmagazine.com/archives/0912/Earthwatch.html and
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df3qdFU1BCQ. You can find pictures from the 6th Annual Artivist Film Festival at wholearthbuilder.com.
Lance Charles ENVL '98 recently updated his website—check it out at wholearthbuilder.com.

Mel Lim ENVL '00 and her husband/partner Joe Keylon ILLU '99, won the Gold Award at the 40th annual Creativity International Awards in the graphical user interface category for their Axure RP User Interface Art + Branding work. Mel Lim is also a contributing writer for Design Management Institute DMI and have recently published an article on bridging the designer/client relationship.

John Niero ENVL '07's Elle is a finalist in the fourth annual Interior Design Best of Year Awards in the Seating: Contract/Lounge Category. The Best of Year Awards is the preeminent design competition recognizing superior interior design projects and products in over 50 categories. Earlier this year, Elle was awarded Best of NeoCon 2009 in the Seating: Sofas and Lounge category at the NeoCon Worlds Trade Fair in Chicago. Be sure to check out Niero's website at justnotnormal.us.


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