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80 Years in Pictures

The renovated barn—one half of the Art Center Europe campus.
“This is the renovated barn—it was absolutely gorgeous. You’d enter into a glass atrium where you’d get your morning coffee and croissant. From there you would go to your classroom downstairs. There was also a big outdoor terrace for hanging out. There was a big field beside the campus, where we could see cows grazing, wearing big bells around their necks. We would hang out on the terrace and contemplate design philosophy, while looking over at these cows with their bells going ‘bong, bong, bong.’”
–Frido Beisert PROD ’98

7th Street Campus

3rd Street Campus

Hillside Campus

1986 – 1996
Vevey Campus

The idea of an overseas Art Center campus first came about in the early 1980s, when European automotive companies encouraged the College to open an overseas campus. The trailblazing experiment in design education combined Europe’s cultural and intellectual traditions with America’s pragmatic, enterprising spirit, exposing students on both continents to a global perspective on design.

A campus was built in Vevey, Switzerland, in a renovated 19th century chateau on the shores of Lake Geneva, the largest natural freshwater lake in western Europe (also known as Lac Léman), in the French-speaking region of the mountain confederation area known as the Swiss Riviera. Art Center Europe opened in 1986 with 39 students from 13 countries. During the 10 years of its operation, more than 500 students graduated from the European campus.

In 1996, Art Center Europe closed and was absorbed into the Pasadena campus.

Most of the European students came to Hillside Campus to complete their studies. It brought a new period of creative vitality and cultural exchange to the campus, benefitting the entire campus. It remains a much-loved period in Art Center history by faculty and students alike.

South Campus