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80 Years in Pictures

Aerial view of Hillside Campus, circa 1980.
“I admired Ellwood’s work. He had terrific taste, but he also was very practical. He was an easy guy to work with designing our house, and we thought that he would be perfect for what Art Center wanted to do. Hillside Campus was a great accomplishment. It turned what was a really keen little school into a full-fledged college of art and design.”
–Art Center President Don Kubly ADVT ’49

7th Street Campus

3rd Street Campus

1976 – Present
Hillside Campus

The year 1969 saw two big changes for The Art Center School: a new president, Don Kubly, and a new name—Art Center College of Design.

A few years later, in November 1974, ground broke on the construction of a new, larger campus in Pasadena. With a generous gift from Art Center’s Chairman of the Board Sherman Fairchild, the College purchased an undeveloped site in the hills above the Rose Bowl.

Designed by Craig Ellwood Associates, the dramatic modernist steel-and-glass structure spanning an arroyo has since been designated a local historical landmark by the City of Pasadena. The architecture of the campus reinforced Art Center’s growing reputation as one of the nation’s premiere art and design colleges.

In February 1976, Art Center moved from its cramped Third Street quarters onto the spacious Hillside Campus, occupying 175 wooded acres. With a larger campus came a larger student body, and by 1980, there were more than 1,000 students and 250 faculty and staff at Hillside.

Vevey Campus

South Campus