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Outer Circle is Art Center’s alumni publication and features alumni-driven content and stories. Produced by Art Center’s Office of Alumni Relations and the Marketing and Communications Department.  If you have story ideas for inclusion in future Outer Circle publications, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 626.396.2305 or email alumni@artcenter.edu.


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Vanessa Silberman

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Chuck Spangler

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Robert Dirig, College Archivist

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Andrew Holder ILLU ‘07

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80 Years in Pictures

In Their Words: 80 Years of Art Center

I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me.
– Noël Coward

Call us sentimental, but when it came time to celebrate Art Center’s 80th Anniversary, we at Outer Circle could think of no more appropriate way to commemorate the occasion than by meeting with alumni from Art Center’s five campuses and asking them to share with you their memories of the College.

For this story, we’ve assembled their recollections, along with a selection of historical photos, to give you a small sampling of the College’s history and the incredible alumni who call Art Center their alma mater. We hope you find them illuminating.

But here’s the important part: This is only the beginning. We want to hear your stories. Share with us your memories of Art Center and we’ll publish them right here in Outer Circle, in the Alumni News Online newsletter and beyond.

This article would not have been possible without the assistance of Robert Dirig, Art Center’s college archivist, who supplied us not only with the archival images you see here, but with many more that fueled our conversations with the alumni.

On a related note, above is a film directed by Broadcast Cinema alum Robert McClendon '07 and produced by Art Center Editor Vanessa Silberman in honor of our 80th anniversary, which premiered at our recent presidential inauguration.

7th Street Campus

3rd Street Campus

Hillside Campus

Vevey Campus

South Campus