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Outer Circle is Art Center’s alumni publication and features alumni-driven content and stories. Produced by Art Center’s Office of Alumni Relations and the Marketing and Communications Department.  If you have story ideas for inclusion in future Outer Circle publications, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 626.396.2305 or email alumni@artcenter.edu.


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80 Years in Pictures

Photography instructor Charles Potts in front of a crit wall, circa 1955.
“We used to have evening sessions, and one night cinematographer James Wong Howe was our guest speaker. I had been on location all day, it was early spring and I had a bad case of hay fever. Charlie Potts, the class instructor, gave me a Benzedrine, which helped, but I was drugged! There I was, sitting on the floor, right in front of Howe, very groggy. He was so insulted. He said to me, ’Young man, why don’t you go to bed at night?’”
–Leland Lee PHOT ’52

7th Street Campus

1947 – 1976
3rd Street Campus

Returning World War II veterans increased enrollment dramatically at Art Center, prompting a move in 1946 to a larger building on Third Street (formerly the Cumnock School for Girls) in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The new campus had plenty of space for classrooms and workshops, an auditorium, a large central courtyard and a front lawn where students could socialize.

The move went hand-in-hand with a switch to a year-round schedule. Ex-GIs, older and often married with children, saw no need for summer vacation. During this time, the school’s famous work ethic became entrenched and its reputation for attracting passionate students drew renowned professionals to the faculty.

In 1948, the Transportation Design Department was founded. In 1949, Art Center became an accredited four-year college, and offered its first bachelor degrees in Industrial Design, Photography, Illustration and Advertising. In 1965, The Art Center School changed its name to Art Center College of Design. New departments were soon added: Fine Art in 1967, Environmental Design in 1969 and Film in 1973. And in 1975, a graduate degree in Film was first offered.

Hillside Campus

Vevey Campus

South Campus