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Outer Circle is Art Center’s alumni publication and features alumni-driven content and stories. Produced by Art Center’s Office of Alumni Relations and the Marketing and Communications Department, the Fall 2008 issue is Outer Circle’s inaugural digital issue.  If you have story ideas for inclusion in future Outer Circle publications, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 626.396.2305 or email alumni@artcenter.edu.


Editorial Director:
Vanessa Silberman

Contributor: Kristine Bowne

Writers: Lara Warren,
Mike Winder, Sasha Watson

Design: Paul Gillis

Web site production:
Chuck Spangler

Alumni Notes and Events Coordinator: Matt O’Brien

Cover Motion Graphics:
Jiaren Hui, Give Back, GRPH ‘08


What is the Art Center inCircle Network?

The Art Center inCircle Network is your secure web access to the alumni database, made possible by web application software with the most updated web security available.

The alumni database, which contains approximately 16,000 records, is managed in house by the Alumni Relations Office. Information contained in the database is only as accurate as the last time you updated your profile information and so contains accurate information, partially accurate information, and inaccurate information. All information updated through the online directory is downloaded into the alumni database. Updates made to the database in person or on the phone are simultaneously made to the online directory once processed. Alumni contact information updated via other Art Center departments (Financial Aid, Registrar's Office, Human Resources, etc.) is not automatically made to the alumni database and vice versa as student records, alumni records, and human resource records are maintained in distinct databases for legal reasons.

The best way to make sure that your data in the alumni database is current and your corresponding contact preferences registered is to update your profile in the online alumni directory. The most comprehensive alumni data housed by Art Center is in the alumni database. For more information about the online alumni directory, including detail about access to the directory, read the online network use policy.

InCircle alumni web community
InCircle is an Art Center alumni-only web community enabling alumni to blog, form groups, post jobs, portfolios and network and re-connect with each other. Graduating students and alumni of Art Center are invited to join this exclusive community.

Global Alumni Chapters
The office of Alumni Relations supports our alumni community through our chapters in over 5 countries and 10 cities. These chapters host grassroots alumni events and help alumni connect with their peers in these regions.

Global Alumni Ambassador program
The Alumni Ambassador program provides support to Art Center students and fellow alumni traveling to the Ambassador’s region. Alumni Ambassadors can give advice about re-locating, travel, jobs and also assist in connecting the visitor with other Art Center alumni in the region.

Alumni Communications
Updates to alumni about local events and alumni news are communicated through our monthly e-newsletter, Alumni News Online. To receive the newsletter, students should update their contact information with the alumni office before graduation or by emailing alumni@artcenter.edu. Outer Circle is an alumni publication that is available in both print and digital formats. This publication features alumni-driven content, including interviews, alumni cover art and highlights alumni programs.

Alumni Awards
Three distinguished alumni awards are given annually at the December graduation ceremony. Alumni award categories include the Lifetime Achievement award, Outstanding Service award and the Young Alumni Innovator award. Nominations for these awards are accepted from the alumni community and faculty and staff of the college.

Alumni Connections
The office offers students and alumni directories of alumni contact information by region, major, class year or company. These digital directories assist students and alumni in connecting with each other for collaboration, employment or to re-connect with old friends.

Career Development/Alumni Relations workshops
The offices will host free workshops and events geared toward our recent alumni (1-5 years out) to provide additional career building skills and support. Topics include: business preparation, intellectual property, networking and debt management.