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Outer Circle is Art Center’s alumni publication and features alumni-driven content and stories. Produced by Art Center’s Office of Alumni Relations and the Marketing and Communications Department, the Fall 2008 issue is Outer Circle’s inaugural digital issue.  If you have story ideas for inclusion in future Outer Circle publications, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 626.396.2305 or email alumni@artcenter.edu.


Editorial Director:
Vanessa Silberman

Contributor: Kristine Bowne

Writers: Lara Warren,
Mike Winder, Sasha Watson

Design: Paul Gillis

Web site production:
Chuck Spangler

Alumni Notes and Events Coordinator: Matt O’Brien

Cover Motion Graphics:
Jiaren Hui, Give Back, GRPH ‘08

Mystery Photo

It’s a Mystery

This Advertising Department photograph from around 1950 shows several
well-dressed students giving a mock agency presentation to a faculty member.
Were you in this class? Do you recognize the instructor, holding a pipe with his
back to the camera, or any of the students? If so, contact Art Center Archivist
Robert Dirig at 626.396.2208 or robert.dirig@artcenter.edu. For more information
about the Art Center College of Design Archives, including how you can donate
or access materials, visit artcenter.edu/archives

Mystery Solved

Thanks to several alumni responses, we identified every person in
the Fall 2008 Mystery Photo, and discovered the year it was
takenβ€”1987! Pictured from left to right are longtime Art Center
faculty member Geza Loczi (PROD ’76), Derek Millsap (TRAN
’87), Brian D. White (TRAN ’87) and Henry Juskevicius (TRAN
’87), who was later an instructor at Art Center Europe.

Special thanks to Transportation Design Department Chair
Stewart Reed (TRAN ’69), Andreas Mehne (PROD ’92), Claire
Gunn (ENVR ’87), Matt Wherry (TRAN ’00), Ian Coats MacColl
(PROD ’89) and Eric Toth (TRAN ’87).