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Outer Circle is Art Center’s alumni publication and features alumni-driven content and stories. Produced by Art Center’s Office of Alumni Relations and the Marketing and Communications Department, the Fall 2008 issue is Outer Circle’s inaugural digital issue.  If you have story ideas for inclusion in future Outer Circle publications, please contact the Alumni Relations office at 626.396.2305 or email alumni@artcenter.edu.


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Alumni Obituaries

Glenda Alvarado GRPH ’07

Sadly, a former student and alum of Art Center, Glenda Alvarado GRPH ’07 , passed away July 3rd from complications related to Lupus. She was in Mexico City being treated for the disease over the last few weeks. Glenda and her long-time boyfriend William Esparza, also an Art Center grad, were well known at Art Center as a loving couple from very supportive families from the Pico-Union district near downtown Los Angeles. As they were my neighbors, as well as students of mine, they would regularly drop by to my studio/residence to say hello. We became good friends and I developed a deep respect for their seriousness and dedication to design as well as their indomitable spirit to be successful in their fields while retaining their humanity. Glenda, as well as William grew up in a very rough neighborhood. Their parents sacrificed a great deal to make sure their children could go to good colleges. Glenda and William were never tempted to hang out with the wrong crowd or gangs which were everywhere in their neighborhood. They were good kids, a testament to good parents. After attending LA Trade Tech, they were accepted to Art Center and both graduated at the top of their class. I can’t think of a sweeter, or more sincere student than Glenda Alvarado. Everyone liked her. She had a quiet, yet serious demeanor combined with a grace and happy personality. There was a saintliness about her that left you with the feeling that she could have performed miracles if she wanted. As she moved through the graphic design program, she truly found her voice and her work evolved into a very sophisticated visual language that was truly her own. Those of us who remember her work also remember what a joy is was to behold. Her presentation of her portfolio at graduation filled me with pride that I would have played a roll, no matter how small, in helping this creative spirit come into her own. She had a great future ahead of her and her loss is deeply felt by all of us. I’m sure I speak for everyone at Art Center when I express my deepest sympathies to William, the Alvarado and Esparza families and her many close friends. Glenda Alvarado, a bright star in the night sky taken from us all to soon. Sincerely,Ramone Muñoz. For more information or to contact their families visit Glendarules.wordpress.com.


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Glenda Alvarado GRPH ’07

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