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DOT Spring 2015

DOT Spring 2015

New Car Experiences: Art Center Explores the Future of Transportation

It’s the kind of blue-sky challenge for which Art Center is uniquely qualified—a deep, multi-term, cross-departmental exploration of the future of transportation, in collaboration with automotive and technology partners.


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DOT Fall 2014

DOT Fall 2014

The Next Big Thing is Already Here: 60 Years of Art Center in Asia

Take a trip with us through time and across the Pacific as we look back in history and forward to the future. From Japan and Korea to China and Singapore, the College has deep and longstanding ties with corporate and educational partners, and new programs in Asia launching this fall.

Advertising Now! Preparing Students to Excel in an Impatient Industry

In contrast to their “Mad Men” predecessors, creatives in today's advertising industry have fewer and fewer opportunities to luxuriate over their concepts before a client reviews them. Speed is the new mandate. Led by Chair Gary Goldsmith, Art Center’s Advertising program prepares students for success.

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DOT Spring 2014

DOT Spring 2014

Who, What, Why, When, Wearables

Art Center has had the rapidly evolving field of wearables squarely in its sights for years. Today, our students, instructors and alumni are busy imagining where this technology might head next.

More Than a Building—A New Future for Illustration and Fine Art at Art Center

On our South Campus, a new donor-supported visual arts center, humming with creative energy, is designed to amplify student collaboration across disciplines.

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DOT Fall 2013

DOT Fall 2013

Courage, compassion, creativity: Military veterans making a difference at Art Center and beyond

Throughout the College’s history, veterans have distinguished themselves as students and alumni, bringing discipline, adaptability, leadership and a global perspective to their work. New campus resources include scholarship assistance to help bridge the financial gap many veterans face.

Power in partnership: Industry collaboration prepares students for success

Sponsored projects and other designer-meets-real-world courses, a proven educational model pioneered by Art Center more than 50 years ago, challenge students creatively and professionally, opening doors to new opportunities.

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DOT Summer 2013

DOT Summer 2013

Transform, Transcend, Transmedia: The changing face of graphic design

In the emergent field of transmedia design, Art Center is leading the way. Upper-term students and faculty actively push boundaries in an experimental curriculum that uses everything from data visualization to spatial experiences to create conceptually intricate and emotionally charged messages.

Teaching Creativity: Breaking new ground in the classroom and in the marketplace

Step inside the classroom for Art Center’s intensive Creative Strategies class. Applying big ideas to simple materials, students learn to break patterns, reframe problems and apply new conceptual thinking to their work.

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DOT Winter 2013

DOT Winter 2013

A Decade That Matters: Leading
the Way in Social Innovation

Inspired by the Peace Corps, Art Center’s social impact design department, Designmatters, celebrates 10 years of socially conscious design and dozens of successes at home and abroad.

Think You Can’t Change the World With a Fine Art Degree?

Fine Art students and alumni find creative ways—and places—to leave their legacies. Find out how scholarships can be powerful investments in creating and building community.

Re-designing the Movies: How Art Center is Uniquely Educating the Next Generation of Filmmakers

Art Center’s graduate and undergraduate film programs recruit professionals working in the film biz to teach students that movies aren’t just shot, they’re designed.

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DOT Spring 2012

DOT Spring 2012

Replacing Pigment with People

Artist and Graduate Art faculty member Lita Albuquerque revisits and expands her seminal 1980 earthwork Spine of the Earth in Los Angeles' Baldwin Hills Scenic Outlook for the Getty's Pacific Standard Time.

Custom Made for the Soul

Student Seth Astle, designer of an award-winning foot and pedal system for para-cyclists, and Bespoke Innovations, the makers of "Fairings" for prosthetic limbs, share the same goal: improving the quality of people's lives.

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DOT Fall 2011

DOT Fall 2011

Designing from the Inside Out: Environmental Design at Art Center

With a new graduate program in the works, we take a look at the Environmental Design Department's faculty, alumni and students who have brought their expertise to projects ranging from barstools to a public park for underserved teens.

Ian Sands: Hybrid Thinker, Imaginative Realist

A trailblazer in the field of interaction design, Ian Sands PROD 95 reflects on his professional experiences and his current project with Bill Gates. Plus, details on the new Interaction Design program at Art Center.

Don Kubly

Celebrating the life of Donald R. Kubly, 1917-2011.

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DOT 19

DOT 19 - 2011

Create Change

Art Center President Lorne Buchman offers readers his 10 reflections on the
College's 2011–2016 strategic plan: Create Change.

Perspectives on the Plan

From future educational models to ensuring access, fostering the art/design dialogue to developing new spaces for learning, Create Change covers much territory.

Emerging Ambitions: Scholarships Support Tomorrow's Artists and Designers

Easing students' financial burdens is a critical element of the College's new strategic plan. Here, we profile three students and one recent alumnus who have benefitted from scholarships.

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DOT 18

DOT 18 - 2010

The Limits of Control

Algorithms, uniqueification and bespoke objects: How DIY and "open ended" art and design are changing the creative landscape.

Art Center Students Win Big

It's always an honor when Art Center students receive outside recognition for their work. Here, a look at three recent winners and their stories.

Mindfulness: Focusing the Mind's Eye in the Digital Age

Discover how an ancient practice taught by two Art Center faculty members can help avert stress, foster deep attention and open new channels for learning and creativity.

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DOT 17

DOT 17 - 2009

Today Washing Machines, Tomorrow Democracy: Design Thinking Tackles the Universe

How the designer's approach to problem solving is influencing business, healthcare, education and even politics.

MBA Students Sharpen Their Design IQ

In response to a new business frontier focused on innovation, a growing number of MBA programs are adding design thinking to their curricula.

Roundtable on Branding

Three leading creative voices discuss the designer's role in creating branded experiences.

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DOT 16

DOT 16 - 2008

Mutual Gains: How Higher Education Can Transform the American City

Four major universities build lasting connections with their communities.

Influencing the World City by City

Design provides a platform for international engagement and impacts cities around the world.

Radically Sensible: John Thackara Recasts Our Sustainable Future

Visionary author John Thackara reengineers sustainability

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DOT 15

DOT 15 - 2007

Be The Blur

Art Center's chief academic officer leads the charge in preparing students for the real world.

Beyond Discipline

Art Center alumni excel in their chosen fields, even when different from their areas of study.

There's Research, and Then There's Design Research

Anne Burdick, chair of Graduate Media Design, and Andy Ogden, chair of Graduate Industrial Design, supply two distinctive perspectives on this fastdeveloping field.

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DOT 14

DOT 14 - 2006

Classroom Without Walls: New Dimensions in Design Education

Student files showcase their work in the "real world."

The Complexity of a Design Education

Columnist John Hockenberry has learned a thing or two about design.

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DOT 13

DOT 13 - 2006

Malfunction: A Theory for Design

Who is Dmitri Siegel? And how can the concept of "unworking" unlock your creativity?

Bridging Generations

Inspiring students for 30 years: the Bridge at Hillside Campus is reinterpreted for a new millennium.

Across the Pond

A look at how Art Center—and Art Center alumni—are helping to shape Europe's contemporary art and design scene.

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DOT 12

DOT 12 - 2005

INDEX Stakes Out Prize Territory

New awards and exhibitions elevate the global status of design as a tool to improve life.

The Compassionate Camera

Photography students put their skills to work on behalf of local nonprofit organizations.

Stay Awake

In this exclusive DOT essay, photographer Sean Kernan shares hard-won insights into keeping one's creative vision burning brightly.

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DOT 11

DOT 11 - 2005

How to Succeed in Business: The Corporate World Embraces Creativity

Graduate education at Art Center is meeting—and creating—an increasing demand for new perspectives in the boardroom.

Healing Through Art and Design: Art Center Helps 9/11 Families Find New Hope

Art Center puts design to use in a humanitarian context at a unique mountain retreat.

Meet the Chairs 2

Want to know where your undergraduate department is heading? The Chairs spell out their educational vision in part two of our series.

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