Shortly after I arrived at Art Center, our entire community—students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni and friends—came together to envision our future.

The results of this shared vision is the Art Center strategic plan, a five-year strategy that will position us to shape and define culture, encourage relevance and social responsibility in art and design, prepare graduates for leadership in an increasingly pluralistic society, and advance learning, research and making at Art Center to the highest level.

We embark on this journey from a position of strength, recognizing that close attention to all aspects of our institution—and our work within it—will be necessary as we move forward. We will advance our mission by investing in a diverse community of students, faculty and staff, infrastructure, technology and educational physical and virtual resources.

Our collective efforts, together with support from our partners and advocates, will make Art Center the leading college of art and design for the 21st century.

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with all of you.

Lorne M. Buchman