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Letterpress Printing at Art Center

Typesetting and book making techniques date back many centuries, many preceding Gutenberg’s first moveable type press in 1455. The contemporary educational setting at Archetype Press is a hands-on experimental typographic workshop, where students in the college’s core degree programs learn the prototypes of digital letterforms and explore the vital link between past and present media technologies. The press also holds workshops for non-degree students in the college’s community-focused extension programs.

Archetype Press exposes all students to the interpretive possibilities of communication as they study the relationship between language and imagery. After learning the rudiments of letterpress, students participate in a collaborative book project. Past publications have addressed the works of traditional and contemporary writers, language and typography as well as current cultural and social issues. To date, Archetype Press has published over 40 collaborative books, all of which are archived in UCLA’s William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.

The Future of Archetype Press

With a new location and expanded capacity, Archetype Press is poised to become an invaluable and unparalleled resource for Art Center students and the wider community. The college envisions the press as a vibrant center for classes, workshops, special projects and national fellowships dedicated to the past and present art of letterpress printing, emphasizing the continuum between these techniques and the digital media of today.

Tours & Workshops

Inside tours and workshops for educators and professional organizations are available. Contact Gloria Kondrup at 626.396.4233 or email at



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